"The top 20 moves of Roman Reigns."

I think we all forget how diverse Roman was in the beginning of The Shield. He was actually great during the tag matches against Usos, Rhodes Brothers, and Daniel Bryan. But that was because he was a heel, and heels do the most work in matches. Being a major fan of Roman, I have noticed how he’s not so diverse in the ring anymore since becoming a face. It frustrates me to hear people talk about the 5 moves he does because I know, and we all know in 2013, he was so diverse and powerful, which is why everyone began to point him out more. He was even more diverse in the ring during his developmental days. These moves are moves he needs to bring back. He is indeed explosive in the ring and that’s what I love about him because he doesn’t bore me, but he needs the type of offense that is great along with when it comes time for momentum to pull out his big signature moves and finishers.

I refuse to see comments of saying Roman can’t wrestle when he can indeed wrestle. After just 4 years, he is good at what he does. But because I know WWE is the big stage, he really needs to bring these diverse moves back because many people will act like they forgot about how dominant heel Roman and FCW Roman actually was.


I’m not digging Roman’s nickname “Superman”. We don’t need another Superman and the only thing he does is the Superman Punch, so stop calling him Superman. Superman is a super positive guy, that’s John Cena. Roman has attacked people, poisoned people, and doesn’t listen to authority. That’s not Superman! STOP CALLING HIM THAT, WWE!! You’re ruining him already.


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"People who say Roman Reigns can’t wrestle need to go back and look at his old FCW/NXT matches."

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